Fiber Glass & Gel Coats

IMAR Yacht Soap 401

Yacht Soap Concentrate (product #401)

Made with a unique blend of surfactants to create its highly polished appearance. Its non-streaking, non-spotting formulation rinses clear and decreases drying time. IMAR Yacht Soap Concentrate avoids the use of harsh alkalies, acids and abrasives so it protects durable polishes while thoroughly cleaning. (Use before IMAR #302 & IMAR # 402)

Price: $19.99 each – 16 oz

Yacht Polish (product #402)

Formulated with a unique blend of polymers to clean, polish, shine and protect fiberglass, gelcoats, metal, paint and other marine environment hard surfaces. IMAR Yacht Polish safely removes light oxidation and other common marine environment marks and stains while the molecular bonding and UV inhibitors create a protective barrier virtually impervious to further UV damage, soil, black scuffs, insect dropping, mildew
and other stains.
(Use after IMAR #401 and before IMAR #403)

Price: $33.60 each – 16 oz

Yacht Polish 402
Yacht Clean & Shine 403

Yacht Clean & Shine (product #403)

Made specifically to enhance the shine and give a “wet look” depth to durable polishes while removing minor soil, oil film and dust on Yachts and other applications in the demanding marine environment. This unique formulation includes anti-static properties to repel dust. Exterior or interior IMAR Yacht Clean & Shine maintains a showroom finish with minimal effort.
(For exterior cleaning, use after IMAR #402)

Price: $26.70 each – 16 oz

Black Streak Eliminator (product #701)

IMAR Black Streak Eliminator Formulated to gently remove black streaks with little or no rubbing. It is safe on fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces. Will not remove durable polishes. After the black streak has been removed you may apply IMAR Yacht Polish #402 to enhance protective qualities of the surface.

Price: $27.65 each – 16 oz

Black Streak Eliminator 701


Multi-Purpose Cleaner 501

Multi-Purpose Cleaner (product #501)

Penetrates, Emulsifies and lifts away multiple layers of grime, soil and mildew. It gives concentrated cleaning power for inflatables, vinyl tops and upholstery, power chords, fenders, cockpit decks and other tough jobs. It is a non-caustic heavy-duty cleaner that really works. (After cleaning use IMAR #502)

Price: $19.99 each – 16 oz

Yacht Metals Protective Polish (product #503)

is formulated to clean, polish and protect all metals In the marine environment. For beauty today and protection tomorrow, there is none better.

Price: $25.97 each – 12 oz

Yacht Metals Protective Polish